Why My Resume Isn’t In MS Word

A friend of mine poked me the other day about a position doing some mobile app consulting that I thought it at least a good idea towards that I’d consider seeing where it would lead. Not that I’m not happy where I am, but, it never hurts to look, especially when the opportunity is one that comes to you. So, my friend contacted the recruiter who then asked me for a version of my resume that’s is in the Microsoft (MS) Word document format (.doc or .docx depending on which version of the software you have). I replied very simply that I don’t have an MS Word version of my resume and that I have no intentions to change its format to MS Word. Of course, that gets into a neat discussion with some recruiters towards what their systems and processes allow versus intentions of the job pursuant (me). I think its just better to add this to the rest of the series of articles I’ve already written that describe this “how I work” posture. Continue reading “Why My Resume Isn’t In MS Word”

Presentations Remixed

Mobile Ministry Methodology (near-web-app prototype)

The other week, I attended the Mobile Ministry Forum and had the opportunity to present on one of the projects for Mobile Ministry Magazine. Of the things that I get to do with presentations, its to take different attempts towards getting information across. Last year, I took a chance on things and posted the deck online and had the audience access it and follow along while I talked. This year, I went a small step further. And it was kind of fun.
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Getting to That Point (Again)

Today, I attended CPCC’s Geek Fest. Basically, a mini-tech convention put on by the local community college, and sponsored by companies local, regional, and international. And as had been the course the past two years, I attended as a speaker (more info about that at MMM). After I did my morning talk, I wandered the halls connecting with some companies that I’d not talked to in a while, and running into some other folks who are new to me, but by no means new to IT. And then it happened, the business card question. I don’t like that question… especially at a tech conference. Continue reading “Getting to That Point (Again)”

How I Communicate and Collaborate with Groups Around Me

I have to admit that I’m a when zealous when it comes to collaboration and communication. I tend to write a ton, usually very detailed, and mostly with too many words. And if you would see the amount of information that I simply read all day, the writing and communication that comes from that is probably near-impossible to detail as well. In short, I take in and send out a ton of information. And therefore, I tend to have all kinds of slanted perceptions towards collaboration and communication.
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