Fiddling with v6

arjw v6 screenshot

One of the reasons that I like having my own webspace, or at least space that is slightly borrowed and offers freedom for a decent cost, is that I can continue to iterate on ideas and thoughts until I’m satisfied. In a real sense, make my own classroom and lesson plan when I do things like this. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve been going down the idea of a digital business card/landing page, and over the course of the past days, I’ve been playing with the idea of a redesign – one that doesn’t really have much in the way of design. Continue reading “Fiddling with v6”

v5.5 – vCard, QR, AR on Deck

It has been a good while since publicly talking about the Digital Business Card Experiments, but I’ve been at work with several aspects of it. The other day, I decided to pick up things (I was resting, it came out) and finally get the digital business card back on track. To do so, I wanted to integrate as many pieces of tech I could that would literally put one’s mobile into the position of a magic wand, but also play off the ability for the mobile to become a canvas of sorts.

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Version 2.0

Business Card v2 - Share on OviSome days ago, I finally wrapped up a redesign of my landing page/business card. For as neat a project this has been to learn about CSS3, HTML5, and such, its become a mess in terms of its focus and I wanted to redesign it and get back to some of the core. Therefore its simple Version 2.0. A bit more than a landing page, a bit more than a single-pane business card, and a lot more focused. Continue reading “Version 2.0”

A Business Card in Multiple Dimensions

I have to admit that I’m not all that much a fan of business cards, nor the behaviors around them. You give someone a slip of paper, and the expectation is that the moment of putting that paper in their hand will give them initiative to reach back out to you. Then, there’s that matter of putting that information into some address book (paper, roll, or digital) – which is always a messy affair.
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