Evaluating @tomiahonen’s 9 Unique Mobile Characteristics

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My good & mobile-tuned friend Tomi Ahonen has been very, very long in the mobile industry. Just looking at everything he did before becoming a speaker, author, etc. is enough to just make you nod your head. And yet, as we sometimes know, the best friendships and admirations come not always because you agree, but because you can disagree constructively. In one of Tomi’s recent posts about location-based services (LBS), he listed nine (9) unique characteristics of mobile. Given that I use these unique abilities very often in my mobile presentations, seeing a new addition to the list means that its not time for blind adoption, but careful consideration and analysis.  Continue reading “Evaluating @tomiahonen’s 9 Unique Mobile Characteristics”

Hosting a Presentation Deck from Your Phone

Over at Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), I posted a piece on how I did one of my presentations at ICCM a few weeks ago. The presentation was titled Sharing Content FROM Your Mobile Device and the aim of the presentation was to talk about the behavior while being an active demonstration of it. Continue reading “Hosting a Presentation Deck from Your Phone”

[Interview] Social Media Church Podcast

Earlier this week, an interview with me was published over at Social Media Church (by DJ Chuang). I definitely enjoyed the conversation, and in the 30min chat you’ll hear a bit about how I started with mobile tech and MMM, as well as how skethcnotes come into play, and what my views on this tech really tends to amount to after all the shiny and connected stuff is all done with. Check out the podcast here.

Presentations Remixed

Mobile Ministry Methodology (near-web-app prototype)

The other week, I attended the Mobile Ministry Forum and had the opportunity to present on one of the projects for Mobile Ministry Magazine. Of the things that I get to do with presentations, its to take different attempts towards getting information across. Last year, I took a chance on things and posted the deck online and had the audience access it and follow along while I talked. This year, I went a small step further. And it was kind of fun.
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Interviewed on BBC Outriders Podcast


ICCM seems to have caught the attention of several people from various perspectives of life, faith, and tech. One of those who (re)connected with me because of this was Jamillah Knowles who is the UK editor for The Next Web, but also still contributes to the BBC Outriders podcast that takes a look at the long-tail of the things happening with web and tech. Jamillah asked if I could answer a few questions about the recent ICCM event, as well as get caught up a bit towards what’s happening in faith and technology since the last time MMM appeared on Outriders. Here’s a snippet of what was talked about: Continue reading “Interviewed on BBC Outriders Podcast”

ICCM Presentations, Quick Recap

ICCM USA 2012 drawn logo by @arjwright
This month, I participated in the International Conference of Computing and Missions (ICCM) USA Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. This was a nearly-week-long conference where those persons involved in IT strategy and support for various missions and BAM groups came together for a time of rest, fellowship, and restarting. The theme of this year’s conference was Spiritual Reboot – ironically, this was something that I recommended last year. And indeed, for many of us, the 4 days or so in CO definitely served to rest and reset life in work, family, and ministry. Continue reading “ICCM Presentations, Quick Recap”

Presentation from 2012 Biola Digital Ministry Conference

Earlier this week in the Carnival of the Mobilists, I pointed to my presentation from the 2012 Biola Digital Ministry Conference that I attended a few weeks ago. The video of that presentation (Making Ministry Websites Mobile) went up and that was something that I also wanted to share.

Making Ministry Websites Mobile – Slides | Sketchnote:PDFJPG

Feedback is always welcome; as are questions/comments. My work in this space sits at Mobile Ministry Magazine (usually); but you never know where else I might pop up 😉

[Palm Addict] Mobile, PA, and 7Yrs

Mobile Ministry Magazine (logo)Today is e 7 year anniversary of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) being online. That’s something that almost didn’t happen. At the Lord’s suggestion of going online with it, I didn’t think that it would be something usable, let alone sustainable. And yet here things are, 7 years later. It wouldn’t have probably jumped online if not for Palm Addict:

I’m getting a chance to look back at 7 years of doing MMM and its been interesting. I’ve had all kinds of trouble with posting images and video until I figured out how to easily do the YouTube embed code on a mobile. Archiving has also been interesting – and its been there that Dropbox has probably been better than most. Each device, each service that I’ve used has been infused with some sense of “if its going to be mobile, then it better add some time to my life.” That’s been one of the lessons that seems to resonate throughout Palm Addict, and clearly has done the same with me as I’ve evolved with MMM…

Read the rest of Mobile, PA, and 7Yrs at Palm Addict

Palm Addict has a lot to do with MMM. Am very grateful for Sammy’s support and the posts there that have tuned my thinking on mobile in ways that I am still only beginning to understand.

Turning Lists into Behaviors that Transform

Maybe its age, then again, maybe its been that sense that’s been there the whole time. I seem to be moving towards one of Excapite/Nigel’s observations that much of what we do today online is just making a prettier spreadsheet. The companies whom are doing better are pushing beyon just list presentations and crafting aspirational experiences which embed or reveal something more… human. And after re-reading today’s post on Mobile Ministry Magazine, I’m even more convinced of this.
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