Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) No 284

Greetings to all who are the usual and not so usual audiences for the Carnival of the Mobilists. I’m stepping up to host the Carnival since its been a slow going of things lately with submissions and such. Its the week Thanksgiving happens here in the USA, so its probably a good thing that towards those things mobile, that we should be thankful for whatsoever comes along. Well, not whatsoever, there are some high quality mobile activities happening around the web: Continue reading “Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) No 284”

Weekend Reading via @themobilists

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Always nice when the Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) is published. I personally like the idea of a queue of items to read on the weekend (and given my new device, it should really stand out nicely to do so). This week, I’m included with several others for a double-numbered edition of the CoM at Gadgets & All Things Digital. Don’t know about you, but this is where I find a cup of coffee and a comfy spot to start a nice spade of reading.

Carnival of the Mobilists No 274

Keeping up with the major stories in mobile is the job of mainstream and larger niche publications. Keeping up with off-shoots on those stories, as well as notable smaller points that sometimes gets missed by those larger sites is what the Carnival of the Mobilists serves towards. The Carnival of the Mobilists (CoM, @themobilists) is a weekly collection of writings from around the web speaking on whatever was notable in the past week in mobile technology. This can take the form of posts, interviews, and even the occasional video blog. In addition, each week sees the CoM hosted on a different website. This week, its my turn, and I’m sure that the collection of posts will not only get you thinking a bit more critically about mobile, but will also provoke you to contribute your piece for a future CoM.

With that said, let’s get into the contributions that made it into this week’s collection. Continue reading “Carnival of the Mobilists No 274”

Enjoying CoM 273 at Tego Interactive

Always a delight seeing the weekly Carnival of the Mobilists, a collection of mobile-focused writings around the web usually including insight, interviews, and perspectives that sometimes are missed in more mainstream conversations. This week, the 273rd CoM is being hosted at Tego Interactive, and probably is a bit more the mosaic of mobile than in times past. Having already dug into a few of these, I can say that you will definitely be challenged to think more holistically about mobile, and perhaps add your perspective to the voices.

Check out the Carnival of the Mobilists at Tego Interactive.

Carnival of the Mobilists #271 at MobiThinking

Carnival of the MobilistsAnother week, and another Carnival of the Mobilists. Its a packed collection of posts over at MobiThinking this week featuring a more colorful than usual slate.

Icons – iconic or redundant?

In an amusing, thought-provoking and nicely illustrated post that should be compulsory reading for all mobile user-experience/mobile designers, Scott Hanselman on Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen points out 15 icons – those little pictures commonly found on the mobile devices and PCs, to denote this or that application or function – that hark back to things that don’t mean much anymore. Check out: The Floppy Disk means Save, and 14 other old people Icons that don’t make sense anymore. Bet you can’t resist reading the comments section.
When he looks at the icons on a new mobile handset, it’s not the imagery of the icons that riles Antoine RJ Wright, it’s the pointlessness of the function that it stands for. In the firing line are the icons for battery power, snooze alarm/ignore call, and Web browsers. “He said what?!”… You’ll have to read Antiquated Features of Modern Mobile Phones to find out more.

Grab your drink of choice and check it out (and throw me your thoughts on my contribution).

Carnival of the Mobilists No 266 at Tego Interactive

Another week brings another installment of the Carnival of the Mobilists. A collection of some of the more interesting reads about the mobile technology space that you’d find online (IMO), there’s always something to poke or challenge your thinking just a bit. This week, the COM is hosted at Tego Interactive, and I’ve been honored as garnishing the post of the week for my piece about an AI-like, contextual UI for mobile devices. Great news to my week, and I’m sure the Carnival would be a great read to yours.