Tech With A Purpose

I’ve been on this kick for sometime now to get some kind of fitness tracker that’s independent, a bit, from my mobile. Not that services like Sports Tracker, etc aren’t good. It’s just that I don’t want to always have my mobile on me on order for them to make their value apparent. Instead, I want the tech to work with my mobile, be independent from a specific platform focus, and blend into the background when I don’t care to know it’s using my activities. That’s not too much to ask given the pace of tech now right? Continue reading “Tech With A Purpose”

The Tesla, My Valencia, and Commuting Differently

Tesla Model S charging?? via The Verge
I awoke this morning to take my ’05 Civic in for a major service. It was about 28°F when I dropped off the car and resumed the day by bike. My Trek Valencia has been really a solid partner when it comes to those commuting moments. But, the one thing it doesn’t have is heat. And going downhill on such a cold morning made me think about the compromises we have made towards commuting by car, and what is being designed differently in light of that.
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In Between the Wheels for 30 Days

This month, I’ve thrown my activities into joining several thousand (!) others in doing the 30 Days of Biking Challenge. The goal is ismply to get on the bicycle each day for 30 days. For me, I thought this would be a pretty doable proposition – with any exception of spring rains. Well, Its been nine days of the month, and I’ve ridden five. Can’t make up days, but I can make better efforts.

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Of Biking and Stereotypes

When you tell people in Charlotte that you like to bike, the conversation can go a few directions. There’s the one perspective when you are asked all kinds of bike-centric questions (type of bike, where you ride, places you’ve ridden, etc.). There’s the perspective of folks who just nod and walk away. Then, there’s that of those folks who don’t ride at all (“you ride here”, “I can’t ride,” “I’ve not ridden in ages,” etc.). That one hit me again when I visited a church the other day and was introduced as a biking friend of one of the members.

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Pondering About e-Bike Concepts

Ford e-Bike Concept
If it can get an electric motor, then it will. At least that’s what it seems on one vein of bicycle concepts that I’ve seen lately. Not that I’m totally knocking the idea, there are definitely moments when having an extra pull/push of a motor would be great – espeically when the commute includes additional weight or deodorant-defeating hills. Are the concepts that I’m seeing indicative of a movement, or just a means of throwing research and development on a wall to see what sticks in the marketing department.
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Cycling for a Myriad of Reasons

Seat by the Flowers - Share on OviIn getting back to Charlotte, I’ve had a continued resurgence of cycling. Not just that leisure cycling though, I’m able to take deliberate trips for work and (soon) for shopping and friends. Given where I am right now, I’m able to take the kinds of trips that really should be done by bike a lot more – and the area is more adjusted to doing so than where I was before.

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