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Life equals my faith, my tools, my prose, my motion, my ink, my speech & my friends/fam.

The content of this website/blog is my own unless otherwise noted. It does not reflect the opinion of my family, friends, or employers past/present. It does contain my personal opinions and views, and may not desirable to those not sharing my positions on subjects such as faith, Christianity, mobile devices, etc. Please use wise judgement before commenting, and understand that I will consider all opinions that are clearly positioned and stated. I reserve the right to approve or reject comments posted here.

Please note: comments with links promoting services will be edited to remove the link if the remaining content of the comment does fit with the posted item.

Content Availability May Change

There are aspects of this site which may be turned on/off at any time due to the personal nature of the content shared – this is a personal blog. I reserve the right to do so except in the case of legal forms and processes. I am not responsible for your inability to access this site (its hosted via WordPress).

Websites noted within any posts, side-bar, or contact areas which share this domain (or my personal domains antoinerjwright.com/name) are not endorsements of those websites, but mentions of them as additional areas to connect, communicate, and share knowledge. I am not responsible for the content on those websites outside of those items that I personally create.

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Product Endorsements

From time to time, content on this website will take on the tone of analyzing products, companies, features, or qualities based around personal interests. Unless specifically stated, I receive no monetary contribution from any posts presented here.

Some posts are shared to be included within aggregations such as the Carnival of the Mobilists, or pointers to areas where I am being paid to draft my opinions on content such as Brighthand. The duplication of and pointing to any content produced for those areas for record-keeping and provides a traceable means for me to catalog those endeavors and contributions.

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WordPress Isn’t Permainent

I consider the placement of my content on WordPress to be temporary. I may choose at anytime to terminate my association with the WordPress infrastructure for this type of content, and will use personal domain names and communications to forward content those areas as required (this blog points to http://blog.antoinerjwright.com; a move to another blogging platform will keep the same domain forwarding).

Please be mindful of this when you decide to link to content here – apologies in advance for those who have linked to content and it is no longer present.

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Contact Me

Because of various mobile-oriented choices, I utilize a digital business card as a main point of contact. Please utilize any of the services/social networks noted on this digital business card to contact me about sketching, speaking, writing, or content related to this website.

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