Thoughts on Evolving my Mobile Web Server Use

Having moved to a new device (the Nokia N8), I am facing the reality that my use of (any) mobile web server might be over. Such a realization isn’t well received on my end, and last night, I spent some time in Tactilis thinking about where I’ve been with this concept of a mobile web […]

Man I Miss the Mobile Web Server

Something else that came out of last night’s conversation was the re-realization that I (still) really miss the mobile web server (MWS) and wish that it would have caught on with more (louder, more notable, bigger funded, etc.) people. Yes, there’s no money for companies who aren’t innovative to let people own their own content […]

An Alternative to Nokia’s Mobile Web Server

Just wanted to highlight to those reading who might still would like to use a mobile web server on their Nokia/Symbian (or iPhone/iPod Touch) device(s). There’s a mobile web server service/solution called FineWS which is modeled after the Nokia Mobile Web Server and extends past in in many respects. There’s a major update coming soon […]

Famished Web Designers

Ah, the beauty of being online during Christmas. Having already co-prepared dinner with my lady (our first holiday-themed one done together), I am about the usual go of things getting ready to see others and watching the NBA. Of course, since much of what we do in watching TV includes a second screen of some […]

Rigid vs Elastic Web

I woke up this Saturday morning to the chatting on Twitter about Instagram and other popular (entertainment, sharing, productivity) services being down. A major server went down in one area of the US due to a storm, and that took out a number of sites (or at least diminished the performance of those sites) with […]