MotoActv Playing @RobertGlasper

Kicking back on a chill Saturday, I decided to plug in a mini speaker to my MotoActv and the first track was from Robert Glasper – definitely one of my favorite jazz artists. As the picture shows, am listening to selections from his project "In My Element."

From Flickr to WP using IFTTT

Moving from WordPress to Fargo (Mostly)

That idea of disruption has picked up speed this summer. Or, at least that’s what it seems. I’ve moved from a Kindle Fire HD to a Chromebook and a Motoactv. I’ve acquired a Chromecast – and am having some decent fun in seeing where it makes sense. I’ve moved to my own RSS reader. And now, I’m moving from WordPress to Dave Winer’s Fargo Outliner. Disruption once again; with purpose, as usual. Continue reading “Moving from WordPress to Fargo (Mostly)”