Google Engineers Well, Misses the Relevant Story

Am listening to the Google Android/Chrome webcast right now, and its disappointing. So much so that I just took to Google+ to rant a bit. I hear them, but Google misses what makes the most relevant point towards people who should want the devices and service integration they are offering. This is what I said at Google+:

Google has long since mastered the art of making devices/services with features. They have a long way to go towards making those devices/services fit within a story that resonates with its potential audience.

Its 55min into this LiveWeb cast and I’m unconvinced that Google gets it. The#Nexus7  – this new one – is a very blind play on their part. Yes, I get the hardware advances and what they want to say about Googles services. They just don’t have anything compelling enough that folks want to grab. Amazon has ease of content, ease of shipping, and “lower priced than Apple” perception. Apple has affluence and seemingly attaches to the emotion of an activity rather than just consuming it. Its not that hard…

…or maybe it is. Every presenter during this webcast sounds quite mechanical and unconvinced that they made the right product for the world outside of Google’s headquarters. Its ok if you design/engineer in a shell, but you’ve got to do more – at least at events like this – of sounding like you are passionate about something worth sharing over breakfast. If this were someone pitching to me over breakfast, I would have left after the coffee was served. And I’m a techie.

Its not about features (speeds and feeds), its about relevancy of what it enables. When the ethos of the Glass marketing team hits the rest of Google, then they will match what Apple has convinced many is doable with tech and life.

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