Chromecast Has Arrived

The talk off the tech world in the past well that wasn’t security related: the Google Chromecast. I ordered mine and aim to use it with my Chromebook, and more for presentations than admiring. Like I said over at MMM, there’s a decent chance that this could reset some expectations. That’s only if broadband makes it as big as Google and others want. Disrupting myself again. And this is only Monday.

From Flickr to WP using IFTTT

Learning As Resume @Medium, Time w/o Speed @NYTimes

I’m really enjoying the writing I’ve been able to do lately. I probably have to blame the lack of putting smaller snippets of thought on Twitter, but overall, I do sense that I’m thinking more completely about anything that I come across. In putting down [personal] tweeting, I’ve endeavored to write more, and to more outlets. This seems to have lept my thoughts into areas that I’ve normally haven’t been as adventurous towards. Continue reading “Learning As Resume @Medium, Time w/o Speed @NYTimes”

Impressions of the Nokia Lumia 925, & T-Mobile Jump


As I’ve talked about before, I’m not in the business of reviewing mobiles, so my impressions of mobiles come along either when I get my hands on them from other’s purchasing them. Or, I might get some time to wander into a store and get some impressions. The latter was the case once again as in helping my lady make the move to the iPhone 5, I took some time to look at the Nokia Lumia 925. Impressions are all these are… I didn’t walk out the store with it. Continue reading “Impressions of the Nokia Lumia 925, & T-Mobile Jump”

Reduction As Premium

I also published this over at Medium; so if you read it already, just pardon the rerun

The other day when taking a look thru my Google+ feed, I noticed a post from GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel mentioning that he was looking at selling a few devices to pick up the HTC One Google Edition. This device is a bit special in terms of how Google has traditionally done devices with their stamp on them. Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been released to much fanfare as platform and halo mobile devices for Android. The release of a Google Edition of these device, rather than another Nexus (Google-sanctioned reference design and Android platform halo product) might speak to Google addressing two key issues with Android in the marketplace. Continue reading “Reduction As Premium”

Zimmerman’s Not Guilty, Martin’s Redemption TBD

And so the verdict on the Martin-Zimmerman case has come in. Mr. Zimmerman has been declared Not Guilty of the Murder 2 – Manslaughter charge. And whlle I can sit on and near social networks and the commentary that will be more plentiful than the usual Sunday chatter – I think its good to get out something a bit more sound. And hopefully get a few of you to think about the law and how we come across cultural decisions as a matter of character and country. Continue reading “Zimmerman’s Not Guilty, Martin’s Redemption TBD”

Evaluating @tomiahonen’s 9 Unique Mobile Characteristics

#N9 Playing As Background
My good & mobile-tuned friend Tomi Ahonen has been very, very long in the mobile industry. Just looking at everything he did before becoming a speaker, author, etc. is enough to just make you nod your head. And yet, as we sometimes know, the best friendships and admirations come not always because you agree, but because you can disagree constructively. In one of Tomi’s recent posts about location-based services (LBS), he listed nine (9) unique characteristics of mobile. Given that I use these unique abilities very often in my mobile presentations, seeing a new addition to the list means that its not time for blind adoption, but careful consideration and analysis.  Continue reading “Evaluating @tomiahonen’s 9 Unique Mobile Characteristics”

Running Up Against Boundaries

I would like to think that some points on this road would not come back around. But, it seems that I’m one that occasionally goes in a direction and finds that its a direction that I shouldn’t have gone – either at that time or ever. I’ve learned that when I go those routes that there’s a good chance that I’ll go that way again. Had that experience as I came again across a few experiences and the book Boundaries. Continue reading “Running Up Against Boundaries”

Life After 20K Tweets

At the time of this writing, I’ve got 19,997 tweets on my personal account (and 9,445 for MMM’s Twitter account, which was started sooner). I’ve made the commitment to pretty much end my doings on my personal Twitter account once I hit 20K tweets, with the exception of the automated services that I use to populate it and promote my wares and DMs for some folks whom I only connect with in that space. Since making that declaration, I’ve had a little bit of time to think about what I’ll do with the time that I won’t be spending tweeting. So far, the list isn’t as large as one would think. Continue reading “Life After 20K Tweets”