Hosting a Presentation Deck from Your Phone

Over at Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), I posted a piece on how I did one of my presentations at ICCM a few weeks ago. The presentation was titled Sharing Content FROM Your Mobile Device and the aim of the presentation was to talk about the behavior while being an active demonstration of it.

Here’s a snippet:

..One of the reasons for doing this presentation was that there are many in the missions space who get on the field, and then cannot use the familiar methods of email, Dropbox, etc. to share content between team members or even to others. Other methods have to be explored, and it was in this session that we took a glance at those mobile-centric ways of sharing…

Check out the rest of the post in order to see how I pulled this off and how you can do similar. What can I say, I practice what I preach 😉

Now, I know that some of you with tablets will say that you can do things like this easier with products such as PowerPoint Mobile, Presi, and Idea Flight. But, I’m purposeful in designing towards those ideas that I think makes sense. Even if I end up using a packaged solution, having taken the time in making something that fits my needs, or the needs to those I’m speaking towards means that I can better speak to the technical and social challenges that sometimes get missed in the marketing.

If we take a posture that the medium is the message, then doing an interactive deck makes a lot of sense. The quote that I used to start that deck places well here:

If the presentation goes interactive, is it just presentation still? Or, is it interaction 😉