It was a flower
That’s what they told me when I came across that stem
And that flower had a voice
They said that flower caused others to sway with the Sun
And that was it
And I started to walk past it
But it meandered in my vision
So I took to it as if it were my own heart
Learned about its soil
Learned about its toils
Was told how the previous soil turned concrete and left her to boil in the noon heat
Then she was moved
And now in this place where it was new and unfamiliar
That flower found itself growing again
Over the time I’ve known her she’s peeled some old leaves
Grown a few new ones
And what was once malnourished and hurt is now well-fed and stands strong
The most distinguishing characteristic is her main stem
How long it stands like an athlete in their prime
But its all about beauty in step with time

Now I’ve not done everything right by this specific vine
I stumbled into touching her too soon
And probably fed her more than enough that was too sweet
And I want to push her to be stronger still
Even if it means that for some of these moments I will alone meet
But she’s only a flower
And I have to be gentile
I shouldn’t drive so fast into the ground
There are weeds and nails there
And I shouldn’t stir the wind beneath her leaves
Because that familiar air is something to which she cleaves
Therefore my mistakes are not few
And hopefully not many
And she was more than strong enough without me
And for her husbandmen she’s had a suitor’s plenty
But I’ve been given some space in her pot
And I’d be good to not rot this lot
Because it seems when I don’t understand what she wants
That she still has the ability to pull in the winds of a lot of similar flowers
And stand again inside of newer hours
I’m telling you y’all,
This flower is like no other when she’s up under that Sun

At night when she does her growing
I sometimes sit aside and watch
I’m not really allowed to work
But I do allow my eyes to press on the clock
And ask of the Great Doc
Am I the right man for this
Am I the right hand for this
Or have you left me to learn another season
Is there another that you would bring to her
Am I the reason she’s not yet blossomed fully
I know the answer so I shouldn’t pander
Her life is your’s but I’ve had this chance to
Lose her
And I’m afraid that I’ve glanced too far towards her
Losing sight of the Sun myself
Being blinded by the Sun
Consumed in tools, rules, and the fraility of fools
In this moment I should be like her
Dwelling in that prescribed blessed rest

When I close my eyes I’ll be near that flower again
I’ll be near the blossoms of her dreams
The seams in her stems
The gleams of light that pass through her leaves
And I hope fopr the sake of the medicine that I too need
That attain again the motivation to heed
The words that you first stated when her leaves I’d first seen
To travel carefully
To admonish slowly
To adore carefully
To love only
Its only a flower I want to believe
But I must continue to be the water reclaimed on her leaves.