Life Beyond 140, Writing at Medium

Earlier this week, I received an email invite to contribute to the writing platform Medium. My 1st post is a bit of a break from the norm of what I even post here. What can I say, Life Beyond 140 Characters even counts here. I hope you enjoy that piece. And who knows what I’ll intentionally explore going forward. All I can say is that I have less than 20 tweets till I’m done on Twitter. Its going to be like crawling a web to keep up with me, unless you like RSS.

Hosting a Presentation Deck from Your Phone

Over at Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), I posted a piece on how I did one of my presentations at ICCM a few weeks ago. The presentation was titled Sharing Content FROM Your Mobile Device and the aim of the presentation was to talk about the behavior while being an active demonstration of it. Continue reading “Hosting a Presentation Deck from Your Phone”

Of July 1 and RSS

Yesterday, I opened Google Reader for what should be the last time. I wanted to get a last download of the various subscriptions that I had there (see: Google Takeout). I also wanted to grab an impression of the service since its been a good while and there were some UX aspects that were done well (at least on the iPhone version). Still, I’m kind of in a similar boat to many others where you get this regular behavior of reading a collection of websites just the way you like that’s been shaken. There are many other services that are trying to take on the challenge of being the next Google Reader. But, I’m not sure that July 1 should be a reprise of the history that has been. I think the RSS reading public should be aiming to do better. Continue reading “Of July 1 and RSS”

Ending 2 Experiments, Branching Another

Stock Image: Person Designing a Process Flow

For one reason or another, I’m finding that life after being a product reviewer is a bit less scripted than marketing budgets and product release schedules would have you believe. You aren’t as ruled by rumors of a misrepresented future, and there’s something to be gained from minding your own roads. Or, something like that. I’m probably a bit on the “ready to share with the world” side of why I’m concluding two experiments, and branching into something like another. Continue reading “Ending 2 Experiments, Branching Another”

Leave Twitter? Then What?


I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to move on past Twitter once I hit some kind of plateau. At first, I thought that it would be when I got to a number of followers. But, as you can see in the photo on this post, I’ve not gotten all that far. Instead, after reading about someone else making a cut-off point of Twitter at 20K tweets, I thought that it would be a good idea to do the same. That doesn’t sound like a bad goal for some people, but I might had been at about 19,500 tweets when I said that. Once this post goes up, I’ll probably have about 90 tweets until I hit that mark. Leave Twitter? Yea. That’s what I’m saying. Continue reading “Leave Twitter? Then What?”