Jolla Thoughts

Today, Jolla introduced their first device. Its called the Jolla (seeing a single number on there would have been kinda neat; but I wonder… could the company change name w/each halo product). I started to put some thoughts together over at Talk.Maemo, but then it got good so here’s where the meat of things lie with my comments thus far.

Interesting device. There are obviously parts in Jolla (the device) that are the norm. And then there’s that part where you see that they want to spread their wings a bit.

The idea of the ambience-induced covers is interesting. Especially if they or someone else can pull off something multi-colored. It would be interesting to see how their software can handle that (apparently it can do a lot).

Its still a slab of plastic and metal. I’d hoped for something more. But, I think Jolla is playing right into their primary market’s hands with the way its designed. Its easy to customize. And it fits the owner almost immediately. There’s this kind of “it just will fit” feeling that seems to have accompanied into something good for them. And at least in a comparison with the N9 that I’ve seen, its not too much bigger (the N9 is big enough for me IMO).

I noticed that the software is a bit more polished. Ok, well, the icons looked like it got some work. That’s something that I wish to get a fuller understanding of the closer it comes to being available. I’m not sure that I will be one of those folks that takes his N9 and tries to put SailfishOS on it – but my N950 might make for a neat test case if I were to make the tech purchase that could facilitate that part (ain’t like folks just let you move to another OS w/o a PC of some type in the middle).

Android app compliance doesn’t effect me so much. There aren’t all that many apps that are Android-only that I care about that for. I do care about services. If those services can be embedded into the everyday use of Jolla’s devices/SailfishOS then it makes more sense to have such compatibility.

At this point, its not a device that I can place a preorder for. I’m not sure if this is a device that will be made to pass the FCC’s guidelines for wireless devices here. That said, I don’t know that I’d turn it away. There’s an energy about Jolla that makes a lot of sense for this time period in mobile.

Part of the announcement today asks for folks to join the movement. That’s worth considering… if its more than marketing, developing, or evangelism. I don’t have the time right now to jump into developing things. But, I’m not afraid to push my thoughts about Jolla out here and in a few other places. I like what they are doing. And that they aren’t concentrating on making USAmericans/Wester European mobilists happy is a good thing. There’s a shift, and they are moving with it, not really simply responding. Jolla should do fine for a while like this.

Jolla isn’t trying to think like the rest of the mobile world. And that will endear them for a while longer to their inherited fans. What they will need to do once that energy is exhausted is to make sure that not thinking like the rest of the mobile work doesn’t tear Jolla’s efforts away from the companies that want to continue to do mobile-as-normal. I almost want to see Jolla come out with a 3.5in device that’s more wearable than phone that plays up this ambience idea to a near-extreme example. That would be so unlike things that it could have the capacity to grow wider and deeper without losing the core of what’s making Jolla run right now.

Worth more thoughts later for sure. Today, there’s enough action happening that I want to be unlike others.