Jolla Thoughts

Today, Jolla introduced their first device. Its called the Jolla (seeing a single number on there would have been kinda neat; but I wonder… could the company change name w/each halo product). I started to put some thoughts together over at Talk.Maemo, but then it got good so here’s where the meat of things lie with my comments thus far. Continue reading “Jolla Thoughts”

Updates on My Google Reader Replacement

Working on my Google Reader Replacement

Am spending some neat time working on my Google Reader replacement this weekend. What I’m basically doing is making a web app that lives on my phone (currently the Nokia N9) that is accessible to other devices only when they are on the same network and have the password. I’m using a piece of software called Personal Web Server to do that. And while I work the bugs out, I’m making the fixes using my tablet as its connected to Dropbox. This has been a very good project for me. I just wish that Nokia would fix the authentication issue with Dropbox on the N9. Its kind of hard to take mobile forward when built-in features stop working. Nevertheless, I’m excited for my Google Reader replacement, and think that I’ll learn a lot from this experience of making it.

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