notes on flickr screencap

Even though I’ve had a Flickr account since Yahoo bought them, I’ve not taken as much advantage of it as I could. Even with the reloading of my Flickr Pro account earlier this year, I just didn’t really take much time to dig into it much. Changed that a touch today… I uploaded a photo this morning from a scene of me listening to the latest show from The Voicemail podcast, and thought to play a bit with the notes feature.

Notes and photos are interesting. I think the statement “a picture is worth a thousand words” makes sense here. On a photo, and with the right lens (in this case, going to Flickr) that you can view additional information overlaid onto the image. In my case, I just went for a bit of commentary. But, as a writer, you can see how this idea of starting with a picture – instead of starting with text – can be a nice entry point into diverse computing experiences.

There have been some similar efforts from a mobile point of view. One of the things I’ve really liked doing with MMM is experimenting with the augmented reality service Layar. One of my latest experiments there was to take the image header and turn that into something that worked like a welcome-banner ad – because its not always that someone doesn’t have someone else viewing a site over their shoulder. Again with that idea that there can be more to a picture than the images… even though what these notes and AR things really do are making machine-readable the context that we might already have inside of our heads.

But back to Flickr notes. I thought to sit on it a bit, but could totally see a scenario where a person’s blog could literally be made of pictures that had these kinds of notes on them. And in the case of something like my sketchnotes set there, embedding links or other content into them that further explains whatever it was that I drew.

Only a thought, but might be something worth exploring more of sooner rather than later.