Nokia Luna, A Treat That Extends


Since getting my Nokia N9, I’ve been delighted at some of the little nuances within MeeGo. Swiping through screens as indeed been a delight. One of the accessories that I was able to pick up not too long after was the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset. While most headsets are simple – this one follows suit to the trend. Its the inclusion of NFC (near-field communications) wireless technology into the headset base gets me thinking that such a simple device could and should be capable of a lot more.

The Luna is a simple headset. Like any Bluetooth headset, you would pair it to your mobile, start talking when called, and just kind of go from there. Where the Luna makes this a bit easier is in that inclusion of NFC. I don’t need to keep Bluetooth on (and therefore drain the battery) of my N9. I just tap the Luna to the back of my N9 and boom it pairs and its ready to go.

Now, as Bluetooth headsets go, especially these small ones that fit on the outside of the ear canal. Talk time, and I mean actually sitting on a call, is about 2 hours. Once you hit that point, a soft-enough beep warns you that your time is almost up. Now, since I purchased from a friend, my battery is a bit worn. I didn’t get the hint the first few times this happened and calls went right back to my mobile. But that’s where this idea of the Luna headset as a treat begins.

Extending the Experience
So, when I lost that connection, one of the things I did was to sit the earpiece back into the dock. What I wanted to happen was that the Bluetooth connection to my N9 remain, but that the dock would become a wireless speaker phone. Yes, this isn’t built into the Luna headset, but that’s one of those things where it would have just made sense.

The other reason that made sense to me is that I keep my Luna headset in the car. You see, with state laws now making it illegal to drive and chat without a headset, I figured that this would make a good use of the Luna. And I’m right. But, things like being able to sit the Luna on a shady place on my dash and then plug the dock in seems like another design idea that would have made some sense.

The other thing that I do with the Luna, and this is totally something that I got from my father and part of my Chinese heritage, is the idea of rolling the Luna and dock in my hand like a mediation ball. Yes, usually, one has two of them. But, I only need one. What I imagine with the Luna is that there would be some kind of kinetic charging component. So, while I would be in the mood of destressing, I would also be charging the headset. Even better would be if the dock would be able to hold the charge and then when the ear piece is entered back in that it would charge (because you know how stressful some of those calls can be).

I don’t make all that many phone calls. So when I do, I see a bit more than just the communication event that’s happening. I see a synergy of the devices, accessories, and services that knit things. The Luna seems to have ignited my sweet tooth for those things that can happen when a mobile accessory is done right. Yes, I’d like to enjoy the treat a bit longer. And I think that accessory makers could do such things to sweeten the pot. Will Nokia or any others? Well, that recipe isn’t for me to decide… not unless a company like them is looking for another kind of cook.