Wonder Who’s Listening

I used to imagine that this blog would be well visited by a whole lot of thinkers and doers online. That there would be this resounding audience that was just chomping at the bit to hear what was going to come next from me. Then I got used to seeing visit numbers not go over 40 per day on the good days. Every once and a while there would be that surge. And then (like now), it would go back to normal. I’d always end up with a faint sense of wondering who was listening. And then I started paying a bit attention to the news around me.

So, there was that article a week or so ago when I wrote that Evernote should go out and make some hardware… use Android as a base (similar to what Amazon/Barnes & Noble have done) and then sell the ultimate Evernote device. Not meaning that the app and API environments would be neglected, but that the hardware use would advent some novel uses of Evernote that might not be as able to be done with (un)controlled hardware platforms.

Seems like the folks at Evernote were thinking similar (via Engadget):

Evernote may be known for its flexible suite of cloud software, but the company is apparently looking to hardware as its next evolution. CEO Phil Libin told IDG that his company won’t create hardware internally at first, but with partners. “We won’t actually do the manufacturing, but we’ll do the co-design together,” he said. That isn’t to say Evernote is staying out of the internally produced hardware business forever; Libin estimates his company will get there “in a few years — three, four, five.”…

But its not just that. I opine often about having a mobile web server on your phone to carry out basic tasks such as messaging, previewing calls, etc. when at a desktop/laptop and it might not be good to have the mobile out-of-pocket. I loved having this when Nokia released it (and the Python/REST API CMS that was built alongside it). Then I go and find out (this was many years ago) that Samsung’s Kies and Kies Air software is doing just that.

For me, blogging/writing is a way of getting some ideas out of my head, and then just letting them lie. In some cases, I’m able to go a bit further and prototype something, or even navigate my life towards that style of computing. Its really pretty neat.

A friend of mine that I recently sat with asked me “why hasn’t anyone picked you up to at least do some strategy work?” I don’t really have an answer for that. In part, I don’t go out looking for strategy positions. In every instance that I work, I do my best to optimize the tools and processes (aka: technology) so that I can do my best, and keep the team and organization moving forward. When I’m no longer able to do that, or I’ve met some kind of goal, I move on towards the next thing. Having a career designed like that doesn’t really fit too well within many companies – and in fact causes a few to turn away from me except for a listening ear.

I guess that goes to show the point of this post. Might not be too many whom are listening. But, when people do, and things are adjusted, its pretty neat to see the result. Though I can’t help but to imagine what life, career, and vocation would look like for me if something cam alongside, and just financed/resourced things so that I could just keep cutting loose. Something like that would be my kind of fun – and wrought with the kind of pressure that I once knew all too well.