A Sense That Mobile is More

Mobilst's Briefcase: Kindle Fire HD w/Stylus and N9
I know that I’ve been posturing a lot that things need to change on my end. I’m not exactly content with this mobile space, and at the same time am active in looking beyond it to something more. Perhaps, philosophically, that’s nothing more than the alchemist who searches for that formula that turns lead into gold. Perhaps, but I’m sensing that mobile is more – and that there’s a growing bubble of activity and people realizing that as well.

For example, in the most recent piece sent to Palm Addict I stated:

…I think that we can do a lot of things like that with our mobile devices these days. In a real sense, I feel like in making this RSS reader, I’ve gotten to a place where I can say that if mobile and the things we do with mobile don’t empower one another to live better that we are missing a greater point to all of this. What Sammy does here in keeping this space open for contributions, and even the occasional contest, speaks to that kind of enabling….

Yea, its not just about this making my own “space on the web.” Its not even about having control over the message. Those are part of it, but there’s just a bit more to it. There’s this sense with mobile that we are given more of a direct control of our environments. And how we then are able to use those environments to not only be productive, but adapt to the change of paradigms around us is something worth exploring a good bit more of.

Of the slimming pocket phase that I seem to want to go through (again), my tablet is one of those entities that I kind of want to also slim away. That is, until I get into that space at one of my endeavors where the desk space is challenged, the processes are changing, and the technology is there begging to be used in a better way. If the digital CMO is part of that destination, I totally get it. But, not at the pace its going. The techie in me wants to take the tablet and wipe it of everything except the essentials: an internet-enabled search box, a notebook that does inking as well as type, and the means to capture/watch moving pictures. I don’t want to carry in my pocket – even the cargo pockets – any more than that.

I’m enjoying listening to others on their travels with this kind of shifting perspective – this idea of a productivity environment that’s set by the worker, not by the work nor by the investor. I think there’s something to be gained in some fields when this happens. And I’m aware of the challenges. I do wish that I had a larger audience, and previous writings that were easier to grasp. But, that’s the case, and there are others pulling off some remarable feats by just taking a jump.

Its something that I keep moving towards. And I know part of the edge of this thought looks like the Orwellian vision that scares the crap out of so many. I’m challenged both by the traditions of my faith and my tools to look at this in the widest view possible. I sense that there’s more to mobile than just it being a symbol or a tool. Its a magic wand in part… and then it is something more.

I sense… no, I imagine we’ll all get a whiff of what that looks like in due time.