Reflections, Sharing, Evolving

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Right before this past weekend started, I had another birthday. I find that my birthday is one of the best times to reflect and set goals forward. I’ll continue the meme, with a dash of probablys, impossibilities, and maybes thrown in there.

The theme of the past year has been constantly evolving. And like one other year when in my recent history, I’ve not written all that much poetry. I started off the year doing pieces around that theme, but found that it was better when those performances were captured in text, but captured in video. Shame that my videos are now gone to a digital grave (lost the memory card they were on), but that’s part of the lesson – enjoy the moment and don’t hold on to anything more than the connections made and the memories gained.

Last year at this time, I was in a new relationship. It still feels new, and and quite settling. That’s about all I’ll say towards it on this page, she knows my heart and intentions.

I’ve shared a lot. While it is that I’ve deliberately slowed down the public writing, I’m still putting out a lot of text each time that I sit down. And Twitter.. sheesh. I’m set to pass 20,000 (yes, 20K) tweets probably before the end of next week at my current pace. That doesn’t even count the just under 10K tweets posted for the MMM account. That’s a lot of information out there, and much of it notes and conversations that I’ll only remember in part – shame that I’m not more concerned about it. I still have the feeling that 20K tweets should be the end of me on Twitter. I nearly set on that path.

I’ve moved sideways/backwards when it came to my tech. The N9 has been interesting and good. I can’t go back to a mobile with buttons. And I surely can’t get over the fun that NFC-enabled accessories have poked. But, I see an end to this mobile space now. One where its either “take what is given,” or “build from the scraps of what’s left” as the mentalities in mobile. Kind of like when it went from a wild west of operating systems to PC or Mac. Yea, there were others out there (I played with a few of them), but when you wanted to get life done, you needed the two majors (really, you needed Office, Windows or Mac didn’t even matter as much as that). I see the same in mobile – I just don’t know if iOS, WIndows Phone, or BlackBerry is the #2 to Android’s dominant #1. Android is moving past itself too. Fun times…

I share a lot on these lines though. I kind of want to get away from that and enhance it all the same. Do things like a Twitter feed that’s pay-in to view (like what Dean Bubley does) on the business side, and just get away from anything that doesn’t run through my domain name(s) on the other side. That means it becomes harder then better to share -but it makes me the kind of outsider that has to better convey the benefit of my approach. Much like the Rise of the DIgital CMO article (HBR) that I read earlier today, there needs to be a different viewpoint to the mainstream that is moving naturally into the next spaces. I am that kind of guy, I’ve just got to do a better job of bringing folks with me.

I’m a bit more embedded inot a church plant than I planned to be. And I work closer to the needs of the majority economic group in my city than I have in the past 6 years or so I’ve been down here. I still feel like there’s decent work to be done – though I won’t be responsible for it all. I’ve learned a decent pace, and the space in between the wheels has a few other tricks.

As you get older you learn that its not a bad thing to evolve a bit. You also learn that tech isn’t really about I:O – its about teaching, equipping, connecting, and honoring. In this new year of life, I’m seeing that there’s a depth to things that I’m only getting started with.