Optimizing the Wrong Thing

I’m coming to the conclusion that the speed and generality of a laptop or desktop system is optimizing the wrong thing – it’s increasing the rate at which my brain receives distractions from the true bottleneck in my work: measured thought, repeatable inspiration.

Yet I have one more test left to try, and one that I think might interest you: what if I try to get the best out of both worlds and use the iPad to remotely connect to my work laptop? This is something you could try, too – after a little bit of setup you could take your tablet down to the building cafeteria, or library, or outside, or home, and get a taste for what working on it is like without having to sign up and set up and entire remote server.

See, It’s not just me. Other people have also come to the conclusion that there are better methods of computing than the desktop/laptop paradigm that developers have put themselves into, and users have seen as normal.

What happens when more of us challenge that view and stay living and working better?