A Repurposed iPad

Tonnia Using 2 iPads

Some months ago, I gave my iPad to my lady-friend as a means of letting her in on the tablet action. I had purchased a Kindle Fire HD for myself, and so it made sense that I didn’t just have good tech just sitting around. She liked that 1st gen iPad so much that for her birthday, she received an iPad Mini. That left the 1st gen iPad sitting on the side without much of a use. But, after watching her do something really neat with both iPads while cooking, I got a neat idea and am expanding on it a bit.

What I did was to wipe the iPad clean, and then load back my previous profile on there. I then just added back applications that were useful for the both of us for both entertainment and business. Then, I loaded up a few pictures on there that would run in a continual slide show. Basically, I turned the original iPad into a shared tablet, that is also like a second TV or game board.

I think that it will be a pretty neat exploration of using a tablet that’s not often talked about. And given the age of that tablet, I’m sure that even if it doesn’t do well for us in this capacity, that there is someone out there who has a more pressing need of the tech that we can funnel this device towards. A repurposed iPad… I wouldn’t have thought as much a few years ago when I bought it.