[Project] Addressing A Digital Gap

Watch Video – Community Voices: Digital Literacy Project

For the past weeks, I’ve been involved with a rag-tag group of people around Charlotte (NC, USA), including a few journalists (Street Corner Prophet) and a group of students who participate in Central Piedmont Community College’s STARS Program. We started in talking about how to enable senior citizen to share their stories using social media, and what this has evolved to is a series of workshops on mobile and social media technologies designed (a) to enable [seasoned] seniors to use these technologies to tell their stories, and (b) to utilize the passion, energy, and technical acumen of college students to help these seniors while also learning some of the challenges with tech from another perspective.

The video linked here is the first of these series. Besides showing again some of the implications of mobile and technology, there’s also that aspect of seeing what it looks like when we place #mobmin in a posture of serving others. Now, if this is a program that you would be interested in for a mix of college students and seniors, get in contact me via MMM, and let’s see what can be done at this intersection.

This is also posted at Mobile Ministry Magazine