[Poem] What’s Wrong, What’s Wright

When I pull the petals from over my eyes
I expect that only the nectar of life would remain
I expect that bees would catch my attention
And sunlight would inflame my members such that I grow again
What I don’t expect is to be rained on
I don’t expect the water to weigh on me so
Nor to find the wind blowing anything more than slow
Because under my pedals are sensitive things
Careful things like dreams of wings
And nosy things like hums of strings that sing melodies
Where is my spring
Where is the break of cold, cloudy dreams
Where is the light that remains seen even if days lenghten beams
And where is the removal of the shady thing above me
Its so wrong
I can only do so much planted here
So each day I endear myself to pull the petals from over my eyes
And turn myself towards openly lit skies
Hoping for a surprise
That one day I’ll be planted afresh
Or the soil will digest the weeds
That the birds will digest the seeds
That the morning bugs worming their way towards me will cease
And I will be a refreshed nectar
And someone will squeeze me just enough to catch some
And probably add my essense to something else created for one
Or many
Or plenty
Or maybe its just that I’m admitting that I’m needy in winning
I want to proceed
But the soil I’m in prevents this steed from trampling through
And the sky above me permits no flights through
So pardon me if I sound crude
But the resolution that I make with myself must remain at least to me true
Be the nectar you are created to be
Sweet when needed
Tart when cheated
A spark when heated
And a memory when tweeted
And at the end of the feat we call the day
I will pull the petals back this way
And rest in sway
The only thing left to then say
It that its so Wright