Awaiting Part 1 of a UX Switch

A little bit ago (or a few days since this is pre-written), I pulled the trigger on a Nokia N9. It was hard to do, and at the same time I needed to do it. Some weeks ago I talked about a need/want to change how I go about experiencing life with mobile and connected technologies. I was presented with a price and a reason to leap. So, I lept. Continue reading “Awaiting Part 1 of a UX Switch”

The Tesla, My Valencia, and Commuting Differently

Tesla Model S charging?? via The Verge
I awoke this morning to take my ’05 Civic in for a major service. It was about 28°F when I dropped off the car and resumed the day by bike. My Trek Valencia has been really a solid partner when it comes to those commuting moments. But, the one thing it doesn’t have is heat. And going downhill on such a cold morning made me think about the compromises we have made towards commuting by car, and what is being designed differently in light of that.
Continue reading “The Tesla, My Valencia, and Commuting Differently”

Antiquated Features of Mobiles (Part II)

Firefox OS on 2 Devices


There are several features that we take for granted in mobiles that I’d make the argument that we don’t need as much any more. In a previous piece, I took a stab a remarking on some features that I don’t think are needed any more on a mobile. And now because of a piece at Nokia Conversations asking about button-less mobiles, I’ve got some more. Continue reading “Antiquated Features of Mobiles (Part II)”

Gestures, Invisible Interfaces

BlackBerry Z10: Peek Interface, via Business Insider

I admit that I’ve drunk a lot of the red drink when it comes to interfaces and gestures (and I love things like what BlackBerry is doing with BB10 and the Peek/Flow feature). And at the same time, I’ve always been the type who wants to strip away as much as possible, maximize the functionality, and find pleasure in the process. If there was too much friction, it didn’t matter what it did, I didn’t like it. And as such, gestures and interfaces are a constant with me, in all areas of life, but specifically with mobile and computers. Continue reading “Gestures, Invisible Interfaces”

Featured on The Voicemail Podcast

Of the notes that made for a major highlight to my week, I appeared on the podcast The Voicemail, with James and Stefan. Stefan is in the midst of a long trip through Asia and there’s been a continuing of the show with guest co-hosts. This week was me, and I really enjoyed it – despite being awake to record it at 1AM.

Take a listen, subscribe and rate it on iTunes, and then share it on your social networks. And feel free to drop me a note of things you liked or not with me on the show.