The N950 & Mobility Next

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Posted this on Google+, but I’ve got something about keeping posts in places where I’m not sure how they’ll get out easily.

Since obtaining the N950, I’ve had these moments where when its near me, I find myself wanting to touch my Kindle Fire for much of anything. Its almost like I don’t need a tablet because the N950 is so much like a grown up mobile.

In the same wise, there’s a tug in me when trying to decide of whether to go out with it or my N8. The N8 has polish, but its not so much so over the N950 as it would seem. Despite the mobile commentary and movement of other platforms, I’d have no problem living with an N9 for all but what I’d miss in the N8’s camera. And even then, the N9 would be better than many devices these days.

If the value were equitable, I’d make a final project of drawings that would pay for an N9 64GB, then sell the Kindle Fire HD and get a MotoActv. I think mobility would be best served if the tablet were removed and the idea of being platform independent pushed instead.

That’s what the N950 has provoked in me. And I’m not thinking its a bad thing.

Its almost like I’m torn when I pull out/grab the N950. I get it. The platform isn’t really alive by many standards, and yet the fact that its kept alive more by its fans than by a corporate mandate speaks to that part of me that likes different.

I also know what I’m saying when I talk about getting rid of the Kindle Fire HD (the iPad is mostly inaccessible to me). I’m not exactly caring that I’ll lose things like that larger screen for reading and sketching. I’m not caring about the missing of Teamspeak/Join.Me/LogMeIn/etc that comes with newer platforms… that’s the kind of loss that would hurt. But, it would provoke me to move further. I just know that it would.

I wish that financially I could do this move in tech right now (obtain a 64GB N9, accessories, and 8GB MotoActv); life just isn’t allow for that. I stayed up a good bit after writing this on G+/WordPress to just figure out the costs (financially and activity-wise) on what this could mean for me. Honestly, its not that bad ($750 would nail new devices, accessories, and a few pieces of software on the N9; there are some productivity trade-offs that I need to be mindful of that aren’t going to be easy solutions). That said, I don’t think that such a move could be made without that kind of thought. I’ve got the details in front of me (at 230AM nonetheless) towards what could work. I also know that its going to take me investing into what I know I can do in order to make such a change/acquisition happen quickly… if at all.

Hence recent actions to hire myself out to draw for my mobile/tech. Drawing’s fruit merits the kind of work the enables that ability to push into what I feel is a positive and needed next step for me personally, professionally… spiritually. Or, at least helps to fund getting those tools that makes such discovery points necessary to live fully.

That’s the thing about this N950 in my possession though. I’m thinking through my mobile decisions, not just making mobile do the decision-making for me. I’m asking for open platforms, open data formats, and stretching the literal application of mobile personally, professionally, and vocationally – not because I can, but because the tool demands a better behavior than repeating the past with shiner equipment.

I understand though that wishes don’t make these things happen. You’ve got to move whether or not you get the tools in your hands to do what you dream of. Invent the tool, or drive a road around it and meet next at the stoplight where you both merge into something worth spitting digital dust towards.

Getting the N950 has been good for me. Its caused me to evaluate and re-center why I’m so moved by mobile. I wonder if for others mobile evolves into a bit of that as well. A tech so personal that at some point all of us get provoked by it to signal to ourselves something better than marketing’s best messages.

A few days ago, in prep for a meeting, I tweeted:

There’s something beyond just capturing the signal of life through a mobile that has to happen to all of us using a mobile. I don’t know that the N9+smartwatch is the answer, but its a response that I feel would take me past whatever it is that makes mobile presently valuable now, and put me in the posture of making humanity the next great paradigm shift.

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