[Interview] Social Media Church Podcast

Earlier this week, an interview with me was published over at Social Media Church (by DJ Chuang). I definitely enjoyed the conversation, and in the 30min chat you’ll hear a bit about how I started with mobile tech and MMM, as well as how skethcnotes come into play, and what my views on this tech really tends to amount to after all the shiny and connected stuff is all done with. Check out the podcast here.

I Am the Web Service (pt.1)

Over the past weeks I’ve done a good bit. I’ve acquired several mobiles. Relaunched into using a mobile web server for personal needs and a presentation. Jumped into a “dead” mobile platform. Pushed further away from a few conventional services, and started going down rabbit trails towards doing a bit more of my own services. Maybe I should blame folks such as Dave Winer, Russell Beattie, Nigel Scott, Henri Bergius, and a few others. I don’t think we are doing mobile or web right. And I’m ready to try harder to prove it.
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