Bicycling in 2012

Screenshot: 30 Days of Biking Log


I guess with 2013 right around the corner, I should probably do one of those look back things. Then again, I deem my year-in-life a bit differently, so all I’ll talk about is cycling… unless you’re reading my words elsewhere. Continue reading “Bicycling in 2012”

Gen Y Savy w/Mobile, Show Me

Eldar Murtazen w/Multiple Devices

Part of that changing up how I approach things. Whenever I need to comment on something, if it can’t be said in short, then I will write it (probably here). ReadWrite Mobile is quoting a story that Generation Y folks (24-32 year olds) are the most savy when it comes to mobile. I call bullocks, and not because I deal with more people than I shuold. Its just a simple numbers game, and the report RW Mobile quotes simple fails. Continue reading “Gen Y Savy w/Mobile, Show Me”

Famished Web Designers

Ah, the beauty of being online during Christmas. Having already co-prepared dinner with my lady (our first holiday-themed one done together), I am about the usual go of things getting ready to see others and watching the NBA. Of course, since much of what we do in watching TV includes a second screen of some kind, I’ve at least got to have some interest in how life is playing out on a social media network or two. Medium is on deck at the moment, and given a decision to nix comments here, its interesting to see the platters of other social networking moments. Continue reading “Famished Web Designers”

Thought: Swap My Computing UX

N8 on table w/coffee and comics

Perhaps this is part of the theme for 2012 that I need to get used to: that at some very simple level, I’m not all that impressed or fulfilled by the experiences offered by mobile devices, apps, and services. I’ve been pushing for something new for a while, and have literally been limited by lack of funds for making it happen faster. Still, I get these thoughts… just as the one that I had literally a minute ago. That might be worth exploring if the changes were to happen. Continue reading “Thought: Swap My Computing UX”

I Am the Web Service (pt2)

Pages.ARJW Screenshot


This wasn’t an intentional chapter into this thinking that there’s more to the web than the services that we subscribe to. But, then again, the hubbub about Instagram and their changing terms of service this week does fit within some of the points that I would like to make. So, let’s just start from the end of Part 1, and continue with why I feel things should change. Continue reading “I Am the Web Service (pt2)”

Gun Control Isn’t Behavior Control or Accountability

The story of the past days has been Sandy Hook and the heroism and horror (deliberate word order) there. One loud part of the discussion has been about gun control. Another part of the discussion has been about the safety of children in schools. And then another part has been the kind of leadership that should be displayed in light of this. Internally, I grieve for the kids/adults lost and their families. What I don’t have as much patience for is the rhetoric.
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[Interview] Social Media Church Podcast

Earlier this week, an interview with me was published over at Social Media Church (by DJ Chuang). I definitely enjoyed the conversation, and in the 30min chat you’ll hear a bit about how I started with mobile tech and MMM, as well as how skethcnotes come into play, and what my views on this tech really tends to amount to after all the shiny and connected stuff is all done with. Check out the podcast here.

I Am the Web Service (pt.1)

Over the past weeks I’ve done a good bit. I’ve acquired several mobiles. Relaunched into using a mobile web server for personal needs and a presentation. Jumped into a “dead” mobile platform. Pushed further away from a few conventional services, and started going down rabbit trails towards doing a bit more of my own services. Maybe I should blame folks such as Dave Winer, Russell Beattie, Nigel Scott, Henri Bergius, and a few others. I don’t think we are doing mobile or web right. And I’m ready to try harder to prove it.
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How Would You Change the ASUS Padfone

Asus Padfone Station

Engadget has been doing a “How Would You Change” series for a long time. Usually, they ask about products I really could care less about. Last night, they asked about one that does stroke the smiles in me – the Asus Padfone (1st gen). I liked a lot about the Padfone, and to some degree still want one.  I thought it good to talk about what could be changed about it – and not sign up for an account on Engadget to do it (ew)
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Presentations Remixed

Mobile Ministry Methodology (near-web-app prototype)

The other week, I attended the Mobile Ministry Forum and had the opportunity to present on one of the projects for Mobile Ministry Magazine. Of the things that I get to do with presentations, its to take different attempts towards getting information across. Last year, I took a chance on things and posted the deck online and had the audience access it and follow along while I talked. This year, I went a small step further. And it was kind of fun.
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