Mike Rhode’s Sketchnote Handbook


A neat new book is just about released that fits with another one of my passions – sketchnotes. Mike Rhode, a person whom I first came into knowledge about through my viewership and participation with Palm Addict, has published The Sketchnote Handbook. Basically, its a guide to doing sketchnotes, and given Mike’s background and just how his career has morphed into being an advocate for visual notes, this is really a neat item to have in one’s library.

The Sketchnote Handbook is available for pre-order now from PeachPit Press. On Mike’s website there’s a sample chapter available (looks perfect on my Kindle Fire HD’s screen), as well as some explanation towards the different versions of the book that’s available.

Given how my sketches take place solely on digital canvases, I wonder how a new version of The Sketchnote Handbook could go into how that would/could work for folks.