Jolla Mobile – Unlike

If I waited to publish the CoM one more day…

I was reading on Twitter this morning and there was a quote that went something like:

You don’t travel the roads that others travelled if you want to do something unlike what they have done before

When I read it, I was taken back, but at the same time understood it completely. Its something that fits the core of my life and actions, and thankfully, there are companies that still act and move like this too. That’s when also on  my Twitter stream that I saw Jolla finally unveil their new mobile platform. And what can I say, I totally dig it.

Jolla’s slogan is unlike. Very cool, and then again, its not supposed to be normal if its going to stand out to the point of being some kind of effective. Its almost the same message that Maemo and MeeGo had, but louder, and with a bit more urgency to it.

I look forward to geting a device to play with. I look forward even more if I’m able to take what I own now, and Jolla makes the best path for an updated device for me. Here’s hoping that the entire package becomes available here in the US… even more of a hope that I can contribute to this.

To do things that look like dreams, you have to walk in the places dreams dare not to go.

Update: Bergie has done a live blog with probably one of the better lenses of the Jolla Sailfish announcement here.

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