The Chief Digital Officer

I had not thought of the idea if a Chief Digital Officer until reading this:

The Chief Digital Office is essentially the senior executive responsible for helping the organization transition into the 21st century digital economy and digital society. Here is how Russell Reynolds, one of the world’s top recruiting companies, describes the The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer:

“The challenges and opportunities for businesses in this digital age are enormous. Companies need to be fleet-footed to keep pace with changing technology and consumer behavior. Business strategies now must be seamlessly interwoven with ever-expanding digital strategies that address not only the web but also mobile, social, local and whatever innovation there may be around the corner. To help meet these challenges, companies are increasingly looking for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who can oversee the full range of digital strategies and drive change across the organization.”

And even in reading it, I am not sure so much of it being a position of the future as much of it being in of the recent past – because many enterprises seem do a better job if making positions out of what should be culture and behaviors.

I look at my own past and how it falls into many of these new behaviors and definitions and wonder not so much about opportunities forward, but of what happens when these definitions too can no longer suffice for what’s required to move people and organizations forward.