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You ever have one of those moments where you think about something just long enough that when you do get to the point of entertaining it, that it doesn’t sound so bad afer all? That was me a few seconds before coming to write it out here (which is ironically part of the thinking). Its not something all that complex really, but it a sense, it really is a furthering of some previous ideas that I’ve had about personal websites, content management, and mobile.

I could probably say that it started in the wee-hours of the AM when I should have been sleep, but I was again enamored with this idea of taking a Nokia 5230 Nuron that I have hanging around, and wanting to make it into my development machine for Firefox OS:

Then there was the short back and forth with @UVStaka about mobile platforms

And here I am sitting on a PC working on a few items using TiddlyWiki on my mobile device and it kind of hits me as to most of what I’d realy like from a mobile platform:

  • The ability to access content on the mobile device through a CMS and work with all of the content as a seamless document/document items
  • The ability to share content at the click of a button from a browser when I’m viewing that content from another device, or directly from the mobile by doing a long-press then choosing “share”
  • The ability to act on that content contextually (if its a person, message them appropriately, if its an event, see it into my calendar mapped with location and linked to anything else to it)

And there are a few more items in mind. But, what I’m seeing is that where many of the folks use mobiles these, they are wanting and doing the same, but asking others to be their admin. I’d like to keep things with me as the admin, and then federate connectivity thru other services as I see fit.

For example, I just finished working on a presentation outline on TiddlyWiki. Ideally, I would click a button and then would get a presentation deck derived from that (using the S5 Slideshow system or something similar as the exported format). I would also get a prompt asking if this is to be connected to a like-titled event that’s in my calendar (a linked attachment) or shared with a group/circle that’s already designated within my phone.

If you will, a lot of what I’m doing on this wiki that sits on my mobile device is what I could see my mobile device actually doing as its core. I think that something like this would be possible with Firefox OS. It might even be part of the direction that Jolla Mobile and Windows Phone (!!) might be heading.

Imagine taking a smartphone that doesn’t look like much, and then putting onto it your own library system. One that evolves with you, and that stays open enough to be connected to everyone else’s… whether or not you are on their network or sign up for their services. I get chills and stay really wide awake thinking of this stuff. And you know something, I don’t think most of you would feel much differently if you knew the power of what you could do with a similar server in your pocket.

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