Election Day What Ifs

Its Election Day here in the USA and nearly everyone is positioning themselves for making the right decision for pushing the country forward. I’ve had mostly a sideline view of things this time around… I just don’t like to get into the marketing and rhetoric performances of the time leading up to the election, it would be nice if on election day, that some other items came to the front towards being voted for.

For example, it would be nice that at the same time we are voting a new executive into office, that we can also vote whether the top executives of Fortune 500 companies should get their bonuses or not – and if not, that money would go into a fund that would “float” the budget for those lean years.

What if on election day, you could only vote if you had a top selling auto, mobile phone, internet service provider, etc.? Would that increase the attention that we paid to the things we purchased, not just the product of the things we use?

What if on election day we also had to write a letter of forgiveness to all of those people that we needed to ask forgiveness of in our community, handwritten and signed, otherwise our election votes wouldn’t be counted? Would that change how we see just how much a vote can/does effect our communities no matter who is running for what office?

What if party conventions were required to turn in the same number of hours of community service equal to the dollars they spent locally, regionally, and nationally? Would that change the convention from a party to a time of actually addressing the issues at hand?

What if we couldn’t elect on the national stage unless we tested solid knowledge of what the local issues were that local parties were vying for?

What if on election day, the USA ended up with 100% of the voting population voting – no early or absentee voting, just everyone at the polls all at the same time? Would would finally have a reason for election reform that works consistently, or would the challenge of so many people doing the exact same thing on the same day shut down the entire country (can you just imagine would look like from a travel perspective if everyone had to come back to the USA to vote, sheesh, would be like the Roman census in Jerusalem during Jesus’ birth)?

Lots of what ifs today. And there will be a few certainties in a few weeks time (all votes counted and recounted, and victory speeches given and such). The clearest if is if no matter who is elected to whatever office, will the people who have been given the rights to rule themselves take hold of that right, or absolve themselves of it to the hands of another? On Election Day, this is the most pressing vote that one takes into their hands.