Comparing the UI/UI of the iPad and Kindle Fire HD (Part 1)

I guess this should be considered as a Part 3 to my look at the Kindle Fire HD (Part 1Part 2). It has become my primary tablet computer (for better and worse), and there are some interesting ways that its already presented itself as different than my iPad. This time around, I want to talk more about interacting with the device and some of what I do/don’t do with each and what these strengths and weaknesses are. In a technical sense, I’m going compare the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of these two tablets. I feel that both take a different – and necessarily so – perspective on computing on something a touch larger than a smartphone (the Galaxy Note II would make for another entrant in this discussion, if I had one). Continue reading “Comparing the UI/UI of the iPad and Kindle Fire HD (Part 1)”