Kindle Fire HD vs iPad (Part 2): Tasks and Times

Nokia Lumia 900 and Kindle Fire HD

There are two methods for showing you what matters to you on a computer screen – an alert to come up in the middle of your screen that you have to click away, or a signal made in some area of the screen (usually dedicated to this kind of content). The iPad and Kindle Fire HD have similarities here, but both show signs of needing considerable improvements – at least for my type of use. This is Part 2 of my look between them (Part 1 was posted some weeks ago), where I look a bit closer at how I get around the devices, and how I get to the point of getting to do stuff. Continue reading “Kindle Fire HD vs iPad (Part 2): Tasks and Times”

Jolla Mobile – Unlike

If I waited to publish the CoM one more day…

I was reading on Twitter this morning and there was a quote that went something like:

You don’t travel the roads that others travelled if you want to do something unlike what they have done before

When I read it, I was taken back, but at the same time understood it completely. Its something that fits the core of my life and actions, and thankfully, there are companies that still act and move like this too. That’s when also on  my Twitter stream that I saw Jolla finally unveil their new mobile platform. And what can I say, I totally dig it. Continue reading “Jolla Mobile – Unlike”

Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) No 284

Greetings to all who are the usual and not so usual audiences for the Carnival of the Mobilists. I’m stepping up to host the Carnival since its been a slow going of things lately with submissions and such. Its the week Thanksgiving happens here in the USA, so its probably a good thing that towards those things mobile, that we should be thankful for whatsoever comes along. Well, not whatsoever, there are some high quality mobile activities happening around the web: Continue reading “Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) No 284”

Getting to That Point (Again)

Today, I attended CPCC’s Geek Fest. Basically, a mini-tech convention put on by the local community college, and sponsored by companies local, regional, and international. And as had been the course the past two years, I attended as a speaker (more info about that at MMM). After I did my morning talk, I wandered the halls connecting with some companies that I’d not talked to in a while, and running into some other folks who are new to me, but by no means new to IT. And then it happened, the business card question. I don’t like that question… especially at a tech conference. Continue reading “Getting to That Point (Again)”

From Personal Wiki to Mobile Platform

You ever have one of those moments where you think about something just long enough that when you do get to the point of entertaining it, that it doesn’t sound so bad afer all? That was me a few seconds before coming to write it out here (which is ironically part of the thinking). Its not something all that complex really, but it a sense, it really is a furthering of some previous ideas that I’ve had about personal websites, content management, and mobile. Continue reading “From Personal Wiki to Mobile Platform”

Cropped Snippets of Life

If you’ve visited the site in the past months, you will have noticed the new design with being highlighted with a few pieces from my media library. I’ve added a few new pics today, and felt it just a good idea to just put all of them into one post. Makes it a lot easier than clicking refresh and waiting for the randomness to show you everything. Click through for the rest: Continue reading “Cropped Snippets of Life”

Election Day What Ifs

Its Election Day here in the USA and nearly everyone is positioning themselves for making the right decision for pushing the country forward. I’ve had mostly a sideline view of things this time around… I just don’t like to get into the marketing and rhetoric performances of the time leading up to the election, it would be nice if on election day, that some other items came to the front towards being voted for. Continue reading “Election Day What Ifs”

Comparing the UI/UI of the iPad and Kindle Fire HD (Part 1)

I guess this should be considered as a Part 3 to my look at the Kindle Fire HD (Part 1Part 2). It has become my primary tablet computer (for better and worse), and there are some interesting ways that its already presented itself as different than my iPad. This time around, I want to talk more about interacting with the device and some of what I do/don’t do with each and what these strengths and weaknesses are. In a technical sense, I’m going compare the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of these two tablets. I feel that both take a different – and necessarily so – perspective on computing on something a touch larger than a smartphone (the Galaxy Note II would make for another entrant in this discussion, if I had one). Continue reading “Comparing the UI/UI of the iPad and Kindle Fire HD (Part 1)”