The Worst of DRM

I took a read of this yesterday and then promptly went back into making sure that I at least had my notes and highlights updated in TiddlyWiki (something else that I lost with the recent phone reset):

A couple of days a go, my friend Linn sent me an e-mail, being very frustrated: Amazon just closed her account and wiped her Kindle. Without notice. Without explanation. This is DRM at it’s worst.

Linn travels a lot and therefore has, or should I say had, a lot of books on her Kindle, purchased from Amazon. Suddenly, her Kindle was wiped and her account was closed. Being convinced that something wrong had happened, she sent an e-mail to Amazon, asking for help…

Read the rest of Outlawed by Amazon DRM. This is one of the downsides of being on a system where you don’t have the control over the content and are just paying for access.

Personally, this is kind of why I like taking the time to cobble together TiddlyWiki working on a mobile web server. At the very least, I’ll be able to have the content that I own/store able to be accessed over the devices I have. I might have to do more work with syncing and admin, but there’s something a bit nicer about not worrying about ownership in fashion. Granted, the books are more important than the notes, but in this day and age, you have to take what you are given and work from there.