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Am a bit late in getting this up here,, so pardon if you might have missed it on Twitter. Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Charlotte Viewpoint Magazine’s Shannise Jackson-Ndiaye. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

SJN:Is it possible for believers to be authentic and convey a transparent message using digital technology?

ARJW: I went from a purely analog to a digital existence in the span of twenty years. Young People’s behavioral context today is different than someone born thirty years ago. So we have all these contexts that say I can move my faith from these digital means as long as I am transmitting something that the Apostles can smell, and say “yeah that looks like the faith Jesus taught us.”

SJN: What are some of the pitfalls?

ARJW: Boundaries! We teach don’t watch no more than one hour of television but we don’t teach boundaries for digital technology because it is still a fairly new behavior. We need to have boundaries for our digital lifestyle, like read the terms of service for the technology we use.

Creativity! Creation, creativity, and production; 10% of the people online are the only ones producing and 90% of us are consuming.

Accountability! That I am not tweeting just because I want to be heard but I am adding value to the lives of those people who are passing through my life through this media stream. So there are implications to us walking through those streams and as ministers we need to make sure that I am utilizing not just for my best use but for those who are plucking from my tree of life. For congregants, I am also in this space and I have just as much of a voice as my pastor does. Publishing says that everyone has the same voice. If it is a video, Instagram, or Youtube let it minister grace unto the listeners and viewers.

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