Doh! Nokia, We Need to Talk

It is not very often that this mobile-only lifestyle has been a problem. Yes, there are those not-so-clean things like sharing content to social networks, or that thingy of not being able to use the web browser to edit my Tiddly Wiki. And then there are these moments, you know… resetting a device. Crap… Nokia we need to talk.

So, I went about resetting my mobile. And like the image on this post, I got that screen that items would be deleted. However, not the same message. You see, I used the *#7370# code. I should have only gotten the internal memory deleted. Not the 16GB partition as well. But what happened? That 16GB partition was also reformatted.

And I lost the encryption key to my 32GB memory card that I also used with the N8. Doh!

Now, I should have known to decrypt before the reformatting. I’d done much else that was good in this case. But, I didn’t do well here, and frankly speaking, I’m sitting with ~30GB of information and multimedia totally inaccessible. And there’s no tool that I can seem to find that’s able to be used for decrypting it either.

I am totally the blame here. But, for an aspect of mobile that’s a good thing – encryption – there should be something somewhere that I could find to get past this point. This really sucks at this point because I can’t and I’ve lost a ton of pictures and data that most recently is very cherished. I’ve got a few backups, but not enough for what counts. And nope, using other’s web services aren’t usually in my cards.

At this point, I’m smarting a good bit. Now on a new tablet and refreshed a mobile, I’m learning another mobile lesson. It could have been smoother if I remembered one little rule. I could still be smoother if I could figure out how to recover just a few bytes of information and open that door.


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