Doh! Nokia, We Need to Talk

It is not very often that this mobile-only lifestyle has been a problem. Yes, there are those not-so-clean things like sharing content to social networks, or that thingy of not being able to use the web browser to edit my Tiddly Wiki. And then there are these moments, you know… resetting a device. Crap… Nokia we need to talk. Continue reading “Doh! Nokia, We Need to Talk”

The Canvas and the Catalogue

I’m in the midst of learning a good bit about my new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. But, of one the things that is very apparent to me in these first few days that I own it – and have owned an iPad for the last 2 years – is that its can be a totally different beast than the iPad. And that’s before even getting to a point where I’m able to shift my producutivty actions completely to it.

Continue reading “The Canvas and the Catalogue”