Beyond Consuming

I think that part of the issue that we have with much of the marketing that comes at us about various computer technologies is that we rarely see them in a context beyond consuming something. And then when we do, it usually done in a such a polished and stylized mode that while the behavior is fruitful, the idea of doing so is too aspirational to pursue. Hence the trap/opportunity of tablets in computing. Sure, we can talk all day about them being the next iteration of the home/collaborative PC, but when it gets down to business, some just have a hard time seeing tablet computers as something that can do more than put you in front of some advertiser’s window or sliding from one of these windows to another. Perhaps, its time to think about productivity differently. That is, if we are doing to take serious the idea (and the trends) of tablet-style computing as the regular person’s foray into digital and augmented experiences.

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