Gaming the Body

One of the reasons that I feel wearable computing is part of that next step of (mainstream) tech is that we usually have some sense of ego or accomplishment tied to how we uses technology. Whether its something as simple as playing a game and getting that visceral reward of beating our high score, or using some kind of application where it allows for further enhancing by adding other components to it, there’s just something about this tech that says, “when I can further personalize this, its more mine.” And probably that is where some of the smile concerning Nike + Kinect Training comes in. Its not so much that you are getting yet another piece of tech, but in this case, the tech is pushing you at the core of that esteem factor – what do I look like when I’m in shape? Continue reading “Gaming the Body”

Impressions of a Lumia 900

Perhaps I should endeavor to get these devices earlier. But, the truth is that I can’t. So my impressions come when they do. Since leaving Brighthand as a regular reviewer, I get most of my mobile impressions like others do, visiting stores, reading opinions, and occasionally making it to some event where some device shows up unannounced. It can make things hard at times.
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Weekend Reading via @themobilists

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Always nice when the Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists) is published. I personally like the idea of a queue of items to read on the weekend (and given my new device, it should really stand out nicely to do so). This week, I’m included with several others for a double-numbered edition of the CoM at Gadgets & All Things Digital. Don’t know about you, but this is where I find a cup of coffee and a comfy spot to start a nice spade of reading.


While in the midst of trying to reclaim years of information and multimedia artifacts recently lost, I’ve also been prompted to refresh my resume (one of the items lost was an updated version of it stored both as a HTML5 document and in a TiddlyWiki). What’s been most interesting is how the I’m having to reassess how I’ve gone about simplifying in the past, and how I need to better define that term if I’m to continue to go forward. Continue reading “Simplifying”

Initial Impressions of the Kindle Fire HD from an iPad Vet

Well, that “need-a-new-gadget feeling” has evolved into me attaining a new device – the Kindle Fire HD (KF-HD). Its an interesting change for me, and I think in the end, this might be close to the ethos of computing that I am looking for. Its not perfect, and well, as early impressions go, neither am I. Here’s what I think of having a catalogue for a computer rather than a blank canvas (so far).

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The Canvas and the Catalogue

I’m in the midst of learning a good bit about my new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. But, of one the things that is very apparent to me in these first few days that I own it – and have owned an iPad for the last 2 years – is that its can be a totally different beast than the iPad. And that’s before even getting to a point where I’m able to shift my producutivty actions completely to it.

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