A Small Cup of 808

I just realized that the title of this post will attract the music-heads a bit easier than it would the mobile-heads. Sorry to disappoint the former, this is another mobile chat – but if you stick around, you might find the excuse for your next show-recording device.

During my trip to Helsinki, I made a concerted point to visit a Nokia Store/Care Point service center and just get a piece of the experience. On my visit to the Care Point, I took note of the mobiles on display (and the one not on display, the N9). I asked about getting the firmware update (the operating system plus the software that makes the cellular radio work on my mobile), but at 40 Euros I passed and will just wait until my product code is *technically* ready for me to download over the air (OTA).

The rep at the service center had an 808 PureView. A few friends didn’t believe me when I told them of the 41 megapixel camera on the device, so he confirmed it and showed them the likes of a picture they had not seen. We later connected with another friend and he had his own 808. He upgraded from the N8 (the model that I own), and expressed how he made the decision based on needs and opportunities. I asked for some time and here is just the small cup of impressions that I gathered.

Its indeed a heavier and larger device. I don’t remember having anything that thick since owning a Palm Treo or possibly the N95. Still, it was that kind of weight which gave you confidence, not tiredness.

The screen was something I wasn’t sure I’d be impressed by. Then I looked back at my N8’s screen and realized just how much better the extra-black background just made the colors on the 808 pop so much better. 4 inches is a bit more than I’d prefer, but I guess that’s just the way mobile screens go these days – uh, those that prefer to be one-handed mobiles.

The camera is as advertised. I should have asked him for the pic we both took. When he took the picture of this bird on top of a lamp with the sky behind, there was just so much detail. I took the same image in the same position right after and saw the same general details, but not nearly the finer points such as the textures in the feathers or sky.

And that’s pretty much it. We run nearly the same operating system (Nokia Belle) and other than the processor, NFC, and a removable battery, I see nothing more that ticks the box of differences that make sense for such mobiles. Nokia did well with the N8. It did better with the 808 – kind of like a refinement more than the step up that marketing has told me.

Not sure if I’ll earn another cup with the 808. But given its abilities to be a photo, video, and audio powerhouse in one’s pocket, its not necessarily a cup that I’d turn down.

2 thoughts on “A Small Cup of 808

  1. I’ll send you the pic Antoine 🙂 – remind me if I forget!

    Yes, I had been intending to move to Android or iPhone simply because of the allure of the hype around these devices (which I’ve long resisted), all the better apps on those platforms and the fact that Symbian is getting EOL and Windows Phone is not for me for the forseeable future I think. However, when I did an honest evaluation of what I wanted and needed from a phone, and then carefully considered the 808 and the competition, *for my specific set of needs* the 808 was very far out in front of any competition, to my surprise and somewhat almost disappointment! (despite being a long time Nokia Symbian fan). I then found the 808 was alarmingly heavy when I got it and not super thin. But the real point is, these quickly became unnoticed. In practice, in a very short time, I found it *wasn’t* too heavy. Nor too fat. It was all just fine. Then the auto mode on the camera was a disappointment and I couldn’t really be bothered with the creative mode on the camera. But, over time, again these faded away. With time, I am now VERY sure that for my specific set of needs I have definitely got the best possible phone in the world. I love the complete package of hardware, software, performance, apps, and the very rich featureset. I saw a leading competitor phone today and in all honesty the browser was genuinely slower in scrolling round a web page (of simple Google text based results) than Opera Mobile on my 808.

    Belle FP2 on the 808 brings more nice stuff including multitouch keyboard and there is a camera update on the way too.

    All in all, I’m glad I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I made the right choice of mobile!

  2. Ah, the pic. Now that you sent it, I need to get that on this post.

    The honest evaluation is the kicker. That’s one of the reasons why I cannot get rid of my N8 now. If I were honest with myself, I just couldn’t bring out the best in any current platforms. That said, I feel differently about the N9 and Meego. I have had a feeling about it for a long time, and that’s not something that’s been easy to shake even with its ecosystem changes and platform support moments. The Jolla announcements have me more excited than anything. And there’s even some of that with fOS from a functionality standpoint. Still, neither of those are in hand as this N8 and Belle are. For what I have now, this investment is continually making me smile.

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