Kindle Fire HD, My Next?

Kindle Fire HD from Ubergizmo

As I was preparing for a recent trip, I wandered into Best Buy for a last minute purchase and decided to take a look at the new tablets on display. I wandered to the ereader section and there were the Kindles. I had not played much with the new Kindle Touch and that was neat. The price dang near made me jump to it immediately. I move on however. I continued and found myself in front of the previous generation Kindle Fire and the newer Kindle Fire HD. Let me just say, the KF-HD was very impressive. So much so that I nearly broke my wallet to purchase it right on the spot. That’s not normal for me. And why I sit on my 1st gen iPad writing this right now. Amazon might have ushered itself into a more relevant place into my next piece of hardware.

What Impressed Me

Perhaps it was the size? I have been growing weary and excited at the 10in screen of my iPad. And no, it’s not a secret that I love it for drawing. However, that size is a biking nightmare. It would be a lot easier to find a means of carrying it without a bag on my back. I easily saw the KF-HD in that capacity.

Then there was the speed of the interface. Yes, having a faster processor and more system memory is a good thing given that developers aren’t in the business of writing efficient apps. Even in kiosk mode that Kindle Fire was speedy. Gosh, I could only imagine having Evernote or Twitter not crash on me.

What Held Me Back

There was that little tinge that I felt though as I considered the Kindle Fire HD in that Best Buy. I was in a financial position to acquire one (leaving me a bit empty for the trip, but hey, new device). I also knew that I would probably end up with a bit of a better experience with many of the apps once I got things configured (in an all night WiFi session at probably a local coffeeshop).

I didn’t do my usual list. And that’s really what this post is about. I usually do a needs assessment of some sort and make sure that I’m not just making an impulse purchase, but something that would be a genuine improvement over where I am now.

I wasn’t sure about Adobe Ideas. Yes, the application is available. But, in order for me to get my drawings there, I would have to sign up for yet another service, and deal with any fun emails that would come from that. How would it respond to finger-only input? Would I have to consider a stylus because it was better, not because it was an enhancement to the base user experience? How about apps that I’d need to repurchase. I like Textastic, did I want to go the route of looking for similar within the Amazon Android world?

I’m also of the opinion that I want something a bit less hinged on one vertical system. I’d love the device that could do every Android store, plus a few others. I’d love to be able to do the mobile web server on the tablet, and then freely edit my CMS from the tablet or mobile.

Lastly, the Asus Padfone. This idea that the mobile could drive everything, and the tablet and notebook aspects can be built on top of that. And the software supports doing just that. Yes, its much less the impulse purchase at $1100 for the entire package, but the solution is much less that of a "can it all work" than what I’m dealing with now and would with the KF-HD.

No Move Just Yet

I need more time to think about it. But, I’m probably thinking in the right space. There’s a tweak to how I work coming to pass, and its near tablet, near PC, near mobile, and near PDA. I’m just not seeing it built yet. And at the same time, I’m able to be impressed and monitor the changing of ecosystems around me.

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