Kindle Fire HD, My Next?

Kindle Fire HD from Ubergizmo

As I was preparing for a recent trip, I wandered into Best Buy for a last minute purchase and decided to take a look at the new tablets on display. I wandered to the ereader section and there were the Kindles. I had not played much with the new Kindle Touch and that was neat. The price dang near made me jump to it immediately. I move on however. I continued and found myself in front of the previous generation Kindle Fire and the newer Kindle Fire HD. Let me just say, the KF-HD was very impressive. So much so that I nearly broke my wallet to purchase it right on the spot. That’s not normal for me. And why I sit on my 1st gen iPad writing this right now. Amazon might have ushered itself into a more relevant place into my next piece of hardware.

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