Carnival of the Mobilists No 282

Welcome to the 282nd Carnival of the Mobilsits (@themobilists). It has been an interesting and conversant week in mobile since the last Carnvial, so let’s get started with taking a look at the submissions for this week:

Submitted Enttries

  • Brian Katz (@bmkatz) comes to this CoM with two submissions; one on mobile strategy and the other on the ideology of a killer app
  • James Coops and the crew at MobyAffiliates (@mobyaffiliates) introduce their well-stocked guide to mobile marketing
  • Steven Hoober (@shoobe01) gives our first hearing about the iPhone 5 in this CoM, but thankfully from a perspective of mobile services and their drivers
  • Peggy Anne Salz and the foks at Mobile Groove (@mobilegroove) have taken a look at mobile ad impressions and the effect that tablet interactions have had amongst various platforms.
  • My entry (@arwight) is a bit more introspective, asking if I (and probably any power user) is asking too much in this age of ecosystems to have a mobile experience that one spends as much time curating as they do learning/profiting from it.

Given that there were a few posts, I will not elect a post of the week for this week.


Unsubmitted Entries
I have done this in the past when hosting, and folks seemed to have liked it, so I’ll continue that trend of including a few posts from the week read, heard, or seen just thru my eyes which would make suitable entries for the CoM:

  • The Atlantic (@theatlantic) asks what the mobile phone of 2022 will look like
  • Rob Hawkes (@rhawkes), tech evangelist for Mozilla talking about FirefoxOS
  • Technology Review writes on how wireless carriers means of calculating your mobile data usage includes some fuzzy math
  • Dean Bubley/Disruptive Wireless (@disruptivedean) talks on how to save NFC by removing the emphasis on mobile payments
  • Android Central (@androidcentral) jumps into the discussion about the move to prepaid phones (USA trend) and what that means from a value incentive standpoint for smartphone owners
  • Horace Dediu/Asymco (@asymco) asks how many iPhone 5 devices will be sold on its opening weekend (it was a lot)
  • All About Symbian (@aas) posted an editorial looking at the term ‘smartphone’ and how it’s Symbian and Android interpolations have evolved over the last half decade
  • Everything N9 (@everythingn9) interviewed AAS’s Rafe Blandford (@rafeblandford) and there is indeed quite an interesting perspective stated
  • The Nokia Blog (@thenokiablog) posted reasons why the recently announced Nokia Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5 (but only one will be in-hand by Oct 1st, zing)

Upcoming Carnival, Submitting/Hosting
Thanks for sticking around for this 282nd iteration of the Carnival of the Mobilists (@themobilists). It is always a pleasure to host, and just getting some reminders about who and what is out there in terms of mobile thoughts is mind-stretching.

The next Carnival (no. 283) will be hosted at Lynette Hundermark’s Blog.

If you would like to submit your post, or you have been a submitter and want to host, send an email to CoM (Mobilists at gmail). Thanks again, and see you next time.