Perhaps, Trying Too Hard

Found out something about myself tonight. Well, I knew it… in a sense. But, it was one of those moments where I realized that I am perhaps just trying too hard. Maybe, the rejected option is a better one…

The first kick to this realization was when I was doing some client work today. Before getting started, I plugged my mobile into the presenter PC (yes, I needed to use a Windows 7 PC) to charge and to do some updates on my Tiddly Wiki that had been outstanding. You see, even though I’m able to access it over my mobile’s browser, I’m not able to save edits. And though I can also access it using my iPad when I’m connected over a mobile hotspot and have the PAMP mobile web server running, I’m also not able to do edits (http permission reasons amongst a few others). So, I fired up IE and just went for the edits.

My client was impressed, but like others, wonderd why someone would do a local wiki/content management system. Why not use something by someone official like Microsoft (you know, run a hosted SharePoint instance and do things with Exchange – like the folks I train in enterprises to do)? Eh… I prefer simple stuff and controling my own info (being my own Dropbox, building my own Twitter, etc.).

Then came tonite. I purchased an older Symbian mobile for my lady to use until she replaces her current Android phone. I should have known something would be wrong when I told her that I wanted to set it up for her. Android’s are better than many in the respect that you can pretty much just put in your email and password and roll (I even remembered Ricky saying as much with his first experience). So I wiped it. Refreshed the firmware and a few of her apps. And go it setup on her PC with Nokia Sync. Then I gave it to her and saw that face. Whoops… where is the (QWERTY) keyboard? Only in lancscape. Its not Android? Oh…

She rejected it to go back to a mostly functioning but battery-unfriendly and soundless – but familiar and easy to use nature. I’m here writing on my iPad w/a wireless keyboard and looking geeky, but missing the point. Doh!

I get much of this control thing that I have with computing. I enjoy tweaking and setting my own course. But, I often forget that I’m weird. Its not normal to want to configure, automate, use, or stop using things like I am. I’m stubborn too. I’m sticking with Symbian in part becuase of the rough edges that it has which lends to a feeling (and actuality) of more control over much of the experience. Does the browser work as cleanly? No. Am I able to sync the calendars and contacts from online services I’d like to? No. Am I able to run a web server on it in a manner that would allow me to go away from WordPress/Dropbox? No.

Perhaps, I’m the one holding and doing the mobile thing wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the adventure. But, perhaps I should fall back into line with some of what others have expereinced with iOS or Android. Maybe their approach is the smarter mobile lifestyle.

Or, maybe there’s something better coming. We are 5 years since the last mobile revolutionary thingy (and there was one 5 years before that too – at least if you were on the PDA/communicators side of things). Perhaps, I am trying too hard… because part of what I see about mobile isn’t able to happen within the constraints of perceptions current.