A Small Cup of 808

I just realized that the title of this post will attract the music-heads a bit easier than it would the mobile-heads. Sorry to disappoint the former, this is another mobile chat – but if you stick around, you might find the excuse for your next show-recording device.

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A Kindle and A Simpler Mobile

Being on this trip hard just how I have been living with mobile the past half decade or so has made me question a few things that I sometimes want to assume is normal. For example, having internet connectivity at your own discretion on a mobile is really an extreme luxury. And then there is the tablet. I sat here and did the 1hr Boingo piece, but man, that really was something I wish I didn’t have to do. This has been a long layover, and I am beginning to see something different in terms of the necessary travel tech for a serious mobilist.

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Kindle Fire HD, My Next?

Kindle Fire HD from Ubergizmo

As I was preparing for a recent trip, I wandered into Best Buy for a last minute purchase and decided to take a look at the new tablets on display. I wandered to the ereader section and there were the Kindles. I had not played much with the new Kindle Touch and that was neat. The price dang near made me jump to it immediately. I move on however. I continued and found myself in front of the previous generation Kindle Fire and the newer Kindle Fire HD. Let me just say, the KF-HD was very impressive. So much so that I nearly broke my wallet to purchase it right on the spot. That’s not normal for me. And why I sit on my 1st gen iPad writing this right now. Amazon might have ushered itself into a more relevant place into my next piece of hardware.

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Disruptive Source

Last week’s device announcements have got me thinking (sorry, the next iPhone does nothing for me) about my next steps in devices, services… ecosystems and my place in them. For the most part, much of what we describe as great experience with devices comes from a tight (or not-so-tight) teathering of devices and services together. And while the end result is usually something along the lines of brand affinity and mild productivity, a lot of the longer–than-short-term effects tend to get drowned out. Amazon in particular has me thinking that there is some merit to being a disruptor, but also that the disruptor when its an agile company is a hard one to get around.

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Charged as Beauty

For all of the beauty of mobile, one of the points of contention that I continue to have with it is that devices are very inefficient in terms of battery life. Now, I don’t mean that they don’t do more. But, that they don’t last longer when they are doing less. To me, there is a beauty that these devices can empower and unveil in us if they stay charged. And to some extend, this week’s announcements of new mobiles by Nokia and Motorola point to an acknowledgement of such beauty.

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A Twitter Chat App

The other night while taking part in #MobileChat (a weekly conversation on Twitter about mobile topics), I made the mention that it would be logical to expect that all those participating in the Twitter chat should be engaging it via mobile devices (browser, app, or service). Practicing what we are conversing if you will. Thing is, a Twitter chat is essentially a moderator led, uncontrollable talking pipe held together by a hashtag. What then would an app look like that adds a bit of order to the chaos of the chat? Well, I opened my mouth saying that I would think and (likely) sketch about it. Here’s some thoughts (and perhaps a few drawings) as to what’s going through my head.

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