Interviewed on BBC Outriders Podcast


ICCM seems to have caught the attention of several people from various perspectives of life, faith, and tech. One of those who (re)connected with me because of this was Jamillah Knowles who is the UK editor for The Next Web, but also still contributes to the BBC Outriders podcast that takes a look at the long-tail of the things happening with web and tech. Jamillah asked if I could answer a few questions about the recent ICCM event, as well as get caught up a bit towards what’s happening in faith and technology since the last time MMM appeared on Outriders. Here’s a snippet of what was talked about:

Over the weekend there was a big conference in the US for those who work with technology for the Christian faith. The International Conference on Computing and Mission or ICCM is a way for people to get together and talk about advances and uses for their technical work. And to geek out a little bit. Our friend Antoine Wright was there, he runs the website Mobile Ministry Magazine. We had a chat about technology, religion and the cool things he saw at ICCM.

Check out the entire podcast (BBC Outriders | MMM) and check out the other subjects Outriders covers in other podcast episodes. My segment appears beginning at the 13:45 mark.

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