Quoted in Article about Ignite Charlotte at Charlotte Viewpoint

Its been a very busy and full week on my end (and next week is looking pretty similar). Nevertheless, I was happy to see Parul Joshi’s article at Charlotte Viewpoint as it had some quotes in there from her interview of myself and others after Spring’s Ignite Charlotte event:

Wright, who enjoys capturing life’s moments by drawing them on his iPad, talked about using technology as more than just a social networking tool. More specifically, he suggested using computers or internet applications like Instagram as a “catalyst to see our world differently.”

“If we can use the technology to see those things we may become a better participant in the world around us…It’s easy to see the black and white, right and wrong, death, life, somebody [is] born and somebody died. It’s really easy to see those black and white events. It’s another thing when you filter it through color,” Wright said.

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I remember that night, and I still say that it was a bit of a miracle that I got through the talk. Nevertheless, I could see myself doing future Ignite (or Petcha Kucha, or TED, or honorary doctorate – hehehe – talks). Its quite fun to share your passions in different arenas. And even more fun when you get to mesh those with other perspectives that aren’t yours and have prominence in another’s lifestyle.

For a review, here’s the presentation of mine that was talked about some in the article:

I’m still doing sketchnotes too. You can see the gallery of them here.