Maemo/MeeGo Recollections Sparked Thoughts of Going Tablet, w/Refinements

The past days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Internet Tablet. Ok, so much of that thinking comes from the energy that I’ve been seeing in news/social about Jolla Mobile. But, the other part was sparked in part from work with Tiddly Wiki that I’ve been doing, and the memories of my N800 sparked by recollections of Maemo/MeeGo by Texrat and Bergie. In a very real sense, I’m just about ready to sell both my iPad and N8 and get back to a device like the N800. But, I know what I didn’t like about that device. There are some refinements and impossibilities that need to be addressed. Continue reading “Maemo/MeeGo Recollections Sparked Thoughts of Going Tablet, w/Refinements”